Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bloguiste Iced Out

I was unable to post my essay on "A Medievalist Looks at Inequality" yesterday.  I spent about half the day either waiting for a train that didn't come or sitting in one that wouldn't move.  When I finally got back to Princeton I found that falling limbs (about eight of them) had severed my main power line.  My fears of immediate electrocution were somewhat calmed when I learned that our entire residential area, along with those housing at least half a million others in the Delaware Valley, was without power.  No telephones, natch--just a couple of rapidly draining cells.  But the real problem is no heat.  Such waning coping skills as I retain will have to be focused entirely on trying to maintain the living standard of a Neanderthal until rescued by PSEG and Verizon.  Not what I would call an encouraging situation.  But then I suppose it is possible, just barely,  that you can get by indefinitely without reading "A Medievalist Looks at Inequality".

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