Monday, August 29, 2016

Blogger Cops Out


            For nearly eight years I have religiously published an essay each week--without the slightest justification in religion or anything else.  You may have wondered how anybody could have so little better to do.  I myself have certainly pondered in that direction.  But now I am about to set off on a European trip devoted as exclusively to hedonism as is safe for the octogenarian constitution.  I am not of the generation for whom schlepping laptops about is second nature, and all our phones are as dumb as I am.  The Internet Café hardly exists anymore, and you can perhaps imagine the clientele of the few remaining specimens.

            Hence I am unilaterally declaring September “Blogger Cop Out” month.  Since I shall have a great deal of work facing me when I return—and therefore will need as many excuses as possible to avoid it—I shall probably gladly resume then.  Best wishes to all my friends in the “Back to School” world.  One of the purest pleasures of retirement is taking off for the Côte d’Azur just as so many associates, colleagues, children, and grandchildren are facing a new semester.